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Bend FlyDogs Videos!

Here is where we try to capture the fun of Flyball.  We'll be posting new videos regularly, so be sure to check back often!  

Maggie is learning the flyball course

This HotDog is learning to put it all together and complete the entire flyball course.  

Xena with a warmup hold back

Getting the heart pumping before starting in with the training.

Xena is learning the flyball course

Learning to go over the hurdle, get a dead ball, and bring it back over a hurdle is a big step toward becoming a FlyDog.

Maggie is learning box turns

A good box turn not only helps a dog get faster on the run, but it also saves the shoulders from a lot of wear and tear over the years.

Luke does a full run

Second-to-last practice before the next big tournament.  With some good runs, Luke may earn his Flyball Dog Champion title.  Not to shabby for a dog who really struggled to figure out the game.

Lambert is learning how to jump

Some dogs quickly take to the flyball course, others need encouragement.  Lambert isn't quite the student that his brother Motor is, but he's still having fun! 

3 Dogs Passing

Getting in some full runs with three FlyDogs.

Luke and Motor run a drag race

 Space is tight for side-by-side lanes, but even with only three jumps we are able to get some practice running two dogs simultaneously. 

Motor learning how to pass Cypress

Motor is a superstar who learned the entire course in just a single lesson!  Here he is starting to learn how to pass other dogs.

Motor with a full run!

The fun of flyball

Flyball: A Dog's Eye View

Video of a flyball run from LukeCam.  Luke is a very bouncy dog.  You've been warned.